Winter Weekend in the Golan and Galilee


Its not very often that we do a girls trip, so when my mom suggested an overnight to the Galilee and Golan Heights, my sister and I jumped at the idea. I mean who doesn’t want to stay at a hotel and relax?


So it’s Friday and buckets of rain are in the forecast, which was, in our eyes, only a minor set-back. After all we were going to relax, rain or shine. And that weekend relaxing was exactly what we did. As we started driving north to the Galilee, the predicted rain started pouring and the roads became foggy. Not exactly what I would expect in acountry known for heat, desert and a lack of water. But nevertheless we kept on, our destination being Kfar Blum.


After a stop for coffee and miles of wet road we arrived at the Pastoral Hotel in Kfar Blum, home to kayaks and jeeping in the summer and beautiful views of the snowy Hermon mountain in the winter. So what did we do on our overnight? We ate a delicious Shabbat night dinner, breakfast and even checked out the hotel’s spa- which was very wonderful. Everyone was so nice at the hotel, and the atmosphere was very warm. Being the Floridians that we are and knowing that there was a snow forecast, the three of us couldn’t resist checking out Israel’s mini winter wonderland.


Mt hermon

Mt. Hermon covered in snow


We left the hotel and drove up to the Golan Heights and to Merom Golan, or at least we tried too…on the way we were enveloped by a snowstorm. I saw cars passing us in the opposite direction with windshields covered in snow, and the next thing you know it was us! Unfortunately the road ahead was blocked by the police but we did stop to take a bunch of photos in the snow.



It was so exciting and the views were exquisite with the green of the Golan and the snow and rain. There was a very neat visitors center with a spice store and a nice cafe, packed with Israelis who had come to check out the winter in the north as well. We also saw the most fabulous rainbows!rainbow



I think its amazing how you can drive 2 hours and go from beaches to desert to mountain tops with snow. 10 minutes after leacing the snow we were sweating in the car!



Overall a fabulous and highly recommended weekend for those looking for a relaxing weekend!

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