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Travelujah is the leading faith-based social network dedicated to Holy Land tours and travel. Learn about the Holy Land from our unique destination content, travel on a unique Holy Land tour and share your Holy Land experiences with others worldwide who interested in learning from travelers like you. With experience of over 25 years in tourism, Travelujah is unparalleled in our ability to create that special Holy Land tour that suits your needs.


Baptism at Yardenit



Start planning your Holy Land travels now:

  • Explore the Holy Land by region, sites, Christian holy sites and more.
  • View sample tour itineraries to make sure you get to all the important sites and see what you can reasonably fit into an 7, 10 or 14 day tour.
  • Read our expert and member blogs to find off-the-beaten track attractions and see what sites people have found particularly memorable.
  • Search the bible to find the relevant scriptures for every site.


Travelujah has many options for you to choose from:


Custom group or church travel – our most popular option – you start with a sample itinerary and make it your own by adding anything that suits your church or ministry. Renew your wedding vows in Cana or on the Mt. of Olives, be baptised in the Jordan, meet  local Christians, attend mass at important shrines, or study with a rabbi. Visit the major Holy and biblical sites, and our licensed guides will make sure you have an inside view of Christian life in the Holy Land.


Guaranteed Weekly Tours -perfect for  an individual or small group seeking to join a group tour that departs weekly. You will enjoy high-quality guides, a wide choice of accommodations and the optional addition of Jordan and/or Egypt, or extra nights in Israel, should you wish.


Holy Land Day Tours – Traveling to the Holy Land alone can be a very exciting and gratifying experience. Those preferring to make their own plans and tour at their own pace can take advantage of a wide range of “guaranteed departure” day trips to Bethlehem, Jericho, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Dead Sea as well as Petra in Jordan.


Christian Guest Houses – Unique guesthouses run by Christian churches from the around the world and depending may be the perfect accommodation type for your group tour. Often tucked behind large stone walls or beneath the stone passageways and store fronts of well beaten side streets or pastoral settings, are historical and architecturally stunning buildings that offer a memorable and off-the-beaten track experience. Reservations are accepted for groups of 10 or more people only.



Other people want to learn from your experiences. As part of our community we invite you to share your  travel advice with people worldwide. Community members blog posts are featured on Travelujah and also supplement destination content on almost every page on the site.

We hope the result will be a faith-affirming journey! See what other people have said about Travelujah.

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