Top 10 Reasons to take a Holy Land Tour


Our life changing Holy Land tours are curated to include an array of landscapes and peoples which, woven together, provide a transformative experience that is truly life changing. Sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims, Israel, the Holy Land– together with its ancient remains and vibrant modern life – is the historical, cultural and religious foundation of the biblical faiths.  Holy Land tours provide opportunities to engage with not only ancient stones but the people of land today, which are often highlights of a holy land tour. There are so many reasons why someone should take a Holy Land tour.  

Below are our top 10 reasons to make a Holy Land tour your next trip.

  1. You truly experience the Bible coming to life on a Holy Land tour
  2. The experience of being in Israel brings you much closer to God
  3. You will connect with the Biblical stories and timeline in much more personal way and understand the bible with improved clarity
  4. You will learn about the roots of Christianity
  5. Taste amazing food
  6. Experience many natural wonders such as the Dead Sea, the Galilean mountains, the desert landscapes, beaches and Jerusalem mountains
  7. Receive a heightened sense of spirituality, affirmation of faith and deeper connection to God
  8. Enjoy a multi-faceted experience that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.  The combination of  religions, history, landscapes, cultures, food, and people offer  deeply engaging opportunities to connect with the country
  9. Live and learn authentically -receive an understanding of modern life and history that you cannot experience any other way
  10. Feel the spirit of God come alive

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