Top 10 Israel Beach Tips and Best Beaches


Israel has some of the best beaches in the world, great for the whole family to enjoy!

Nearly 200 km of beaches sprawl from way up north by the border of Israel & Lebanon at Rosh Hanikra to Zikim Beach way down south before the Gaza Border.

In addition, there is Eilat on the shores of the Red Sea, Tiberius and the Kinneret in the Galilee.

Enjoy the warm and beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, with its soft white sand.  If you’re a beach lover, this lands for you.


Acadia beach


TOP 10 Beach TIPS in Israel by

  • Beach Maintenance- Sand is profession ally turned over several times daily. Once- twice a week, it is racked to remove undesired objects.
  • “Beach Security” – Lost or stolen items, harassed on the beach, report it. (Open 7 days a week, 7:00 am – 6:00 pm); Near the First aid’s office.
  • Stay hydrated- & covered. The strong Israeli sun can really wear you out.  IF Rudolf the red nose reindeer is NOT the look you are going for, DO lather on that sun block and YES, re-apply.  Wear hats & sunglasses.
  • Though you may not understand a word the lifeguards are saying, (Israelis feel the same way), just watch their hand motions, and pay attention to them; they will save your life if needed.
  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended.
  • Lifeguards, public restrooms facilities, first aid, security and showers are available at all the “organized” beaches in Tel- Aviv.
  • Beaches with Restaurants have seating inside or on the deck/ sand.
  • Lounge chairs & umbrellas along the beach are for rent and vary in price.
  • Don’t walk alone on the beach at night.
  • There are dedicated beaches that allow dogs to run around, and ball playing, get to know them.


Beach Flags “KEY” (posted above the lifeguard towers):

  1. Black flag– dangerous, only for experienced swimmers or surfers
  2. Red Flag–   This flag is seen most of the year:*The water may tend to get a bit rough with some undercurrents. *Be aware and do not go too deep.
  3. White Flag- Everyone is welcome a smooth crystal like sea.

Flags in the water: You will notice red or black flags in the sea.

  • These are for the purpose of marking off the parameters of the permitted swimming area.
  • Do not go beyond these flags.


According to the blue-green flag beach ranking from the Environmental Protection Ministry in August 2011;

The best and cleanest 3 beaches in Israel were:

  • Hof Hatzuk Tzafon ~ (Hatzuk beach north-in Hebrew) also known as: (Mandarin beach) in North Tel- Aviv. This is a favorite of mine- Open year- round with a great casual restaurant!
  • Hof Accadia North beach in Herzlyia Pituach- As well, a beautiful beach and great casual restaurant/ bar on the new promenade and beach.
  • Nordau (segregated beach), Metzizim (9 beach @cafe cafe), Jerusalem (Tsfoni beach) in Tel -Aviv. Plus Herzl beach in Netanya were close behind.


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Enjoy any of these beaches, but do pay attention to the rules and regulations.

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