Summer fun at Rosh Hanikra


For a special summer day trip, visit Rosh Hanikra, located at Israel’s northwestern tip just south of the Lebanese border. It is situated at the only point in Israel where the Mediterranean Sea meets the mountainous cliffs. There you will find the enchanting site of Rosh Hanikra. Suitable for all ages, Rosh Hanikra is an incredibly memorable experience.

Why do we love taking people here?

  1. The Cable car – the steepest in the world, it takes visitors down for a fascinating journey into the natural sea grottoes. Not only is the ride thrilling but the view is breathtaking.
  2. The Grottoes – wow is all we can say!  This is a spectacular natural phenomenon where you walk on natural trails through sea caves. The echoes from within combined with the waves of the water unite to create an exciting adventure.
  3. Sound and Light show – There is a fascinating film that describes the natural erosion of the limestone that has occurred there over centuries as well as the surrounding mountains.
  4. Historical remnants – During the British Mandate rule of the country, the British paved a rail line between Haifa and Tripoli in Lebanon in order to remain connected to the French who had conquered Syrian during WW1. The rail line was dug into the rock of Rosh Hanikra. Today, one can still view the remains of the magnificent rail line and train tunnel at the tourist site.
  5. Kayaking – for real adventurers over the age of 10 on calmer days (Fridays and Saturdays) you can take a kayaking journey into the caves from the nearby Achziv Beach. This must be arranged in advance. Kayaking to Rosh Hanikra from Achziv Beach
  6. Kibbutz tour – Taking electric vehicles  take a tour through the adjacent Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra. You’ll enjoy an agricultural tour of the kibbutz and learn about the kibbutz life and farming methods.  Specifically the kibbutz specializes in raising exotic tropical fruits, like pitaya—nicknamed “dragon fruit”—passiflora—“passion fruit” in English—and other unique tropical fruits. Walk around the orchards and be treated to tastes of seasonal fruits.  Walk through the neighboring avocado and banana groves.
  7. See the border – You can’t miss Israel’s border with Lebanon. You can walk right up to the border on the north side of the ticket booth and see the solders that are manning the zone between Israel and Lebanon.
  8. Cool off – when you are down in the shady grottoes you can help but feel the mist (or sometimes the waves) from the Sea. In the heat of the summer, it’s a great way to cool down.

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