Meetup with Four Inspiring Jewish Women


The AMIT Children organization supports over 37,500 children in 107 schools located in 33 cities throughout Israel. Unfortunately, like many nono profit organizations, AMIT could not hold their traditional Women-In-Israel campaign luncheon event. So they contacted Travelujah and asked us to prepare a special virtual tour program profiling four inspiring women from Jewish history that would speak to the hearts of women.

Vintage Maskit Design

We created a virtual tour experience introduced participants to four amazing women from past and present Jewish history, Dana Gracia, Sarah Aaronsohn, Ruth Dayan and Supreme Court Justice Esther Hayut. Each of these women, in their own way were a real force for positive change leaving their own mark on Jewish history. Participants ‘traveled’ to important cities in Israel including Tiberias, Zichron Yaakov, Jaffa and Jerusalem. Each place is associated with one of the women: Dana Gracia spearheaded the movement of Jews to Tiberias, Sarah Aaronsohn was part of a spy network in Zichron Yaakov, Ruth Dayan’s started the Maskit clothing brand based in Jaffa and current Chief Justice Esther Hayut serves in Jerusalem at the Supreme Court.

Over 300 women from all across the US attended the special event and were inspired by the stories of strength and purpose of each of these women.

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