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Meet our Guides


Each Travelujah tour is guided by one of our preferred licensed tour guides. We carefully select the best guide to suit your needs and interests. We only work with the most respected and experienced professionals, all of whom are licensed by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism. We also have guides that are licensed and able to guide in both Israel and the Palestinian Territories.  Several of our guides possess advanced degrees high tech, land of Israel studies, archaeology, or other relevant subjects and many are specialists in Christianity, archaeology, Islamic studies, culture and food, and more.

Your security is of extreme important which is why our transportation is of the highest quality in terms of maintenance. Most importantly security precautions are always followed to make sure your trip is safe.  Our guides stay well informed of all travel and security advisories, checkpoints, and border crossings in order to facilitate the most secure and hassle-free travel experience. Our guides bring multiple language capabilities and each is a true tour educator and storyteller who will make Israel come alive, providing you with tour experience you’ll never forget.  

We’ve featured a few of our preferred guides here. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Yariv lives in Kibbutz Yehiam and has been guiding groups and private VIP individuals and families for over 15 years. He served as a combat team commander in the IDF from 1988 – 1992 and went on to receive his BA in criminology from Bar Ilan and received his guiding license in 1999. Yariv provides very insightful lectures on Israel and the Middle East, politics and conflicts, historical and current perspectives and is often sought after by groups seeking to delve deeply with nuance into Israel’s complex society. Yariv is a true outdoor enthusiast – he’s run several marathons and  enjoys hiking in Israel and around the world. Jewish, Interfaith, and Christian groups as well as high level university student groups appreciate the balance, insight and storytelling which is inherent in his guiding approach. Yariv is fluent in Hebrew and English. 

Keren was born and raised in the northern part of Israel. She has been a professional tour guide for almost 30 years beginning with her service in the Israel Defense forces where she served as a tour guide. She knew that guiding people was exactly what she loved to do.  She went on to receive a Bachelors in the Study of Israel and Geography from Bar Ilan, and has completed specialization courses in Christianity in Rome and in Jerusalem with Yad Ben Tzvi. She guides private individuals and multi-generational families, synagogues, churches and many university groups.

Itamar has over 15 years of experience as an expert tour guide in Israel. He is thrilled to show you Israel: its people, sites, landscapes, culture and nature. He is a captain in the Israel Defense Forces and then went on to receive a BA in Middle East history from Tel Aviv University.  His only rule when guiding tours: ask him whatever you want –  the best way to learn!  He lives in Jerusalem with his wife and is a real expert at all things Israel. He leads online virtual learning to people all over the world and guides primarily small private tours. His vast experience includes guiding people of all faith. Itamar is fluent in Hebrew, English and Arabic.  

Slava has been a private tour guide in Israel leading private tours with his Luxury SUV since 2006. He speaks 5 languages (English, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Ukrainian) and has a B.A in international relations from Tel-Aviv university. His specialty is history, archaeology and architecture and he guides for many worldwide companies who bring their VIP guests to Israel, as well as private family tours, Jewish heritage tours. pilgrimage tours, and a variety of cultural tours. 

Lazarus is an Armenian Christian born and raised in Jerusalem Old City and he continues to reside there. He is married with three children and holds a B.Sc. Agriculture from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is also a (retired) Lieutenant in the Israel Police and served in the department of investigations. He is recognized by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism as a Christianity specialist guide in Christian Pilgrimage. Lazarus is an extremely popular guide and brings a depth of knowledge and personal experience to his work. He loves introducing visitors to the rich history as well as modern Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Guiding people thru both the modern and ancient land and gazing at the captivating beauty of the Holy Land’s countless geographical features is, for Lazarus, “what turns guiding into a way of living and not a job”.