Israelis receive a vaccination certificate enabling a new normal for living


Israel has started distributing official vaccination certificates to fully vaccinated citizens. The certificates are being issued by public health care providers after a citizen has received a second vaccine dose. The vaccination certificate is issued one week after the second shot and can be downloaded from Israel’s Health ministry website and will be valid for six months.

An Israeli vaccination certificate; courtesy Elisa Moed, Travelujah

What is the certificate good for?

The certificate is evidence internationally that one has been vaccinated and does not need to be placed in isolation when exposed to an ill person or when returning from abroad.  For the immediate future, the certificate also enables attendance to cultural and sporting events in Israel.  Over the longer term, the certificate is only meant to prove that you are exempt from isolation if you come into contact with a sick person or if you return from abroad. A new website that should be completed shortly will provide a ‘green passport’ which is meant to be a comprehensive ‘ticket’ to full access to life (eg cultural institutions, sporting events and possibly hotels, restaurants and other sites).

The Green passport

Shortly Israel will begin distributing ‘green’ passports via  a smartphone application connected to the Health Ministry. The passport will provide the full authorization to return to life as it will be used to enter cultural or sporting events and likely other events or sites, possibly even restaurants, hotels  and other destinations.  The green passport will have a distinct QR code and should be ready to use within by mid March.

For those who have recovered from Covid-19 a certificate of recovery  will be given to them indicating they no longer have covid-19 which will remain valid until June 30, 2021.


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