Israel Tourism Update – Who is Reopening and When?


Lobby of the Setai Hotel in Jaffa
Lobby of the Setai Hotel in Jaffa

With the dramatic decline in covid-19 infection rates (now under 20 new infections/day as of this writing) Israels tourism industry sector is now opening up to domestic tourists. Restaurants, Museums, and major Israeli hotel companies including Dan Hotels, Fattal Hotels, Inbal, and Isrotel along with kibbutz properties are opening their doors to the Israeli public. The Jewish feast of Shavout begins in less than two weeks and Israelis have their sites on a local vacation.

Restaurants will be allowed to reopen next week for full service dining, with up to a maximum of 100 visitors at one time, complying of course to new social distancing measures as per the Ministry of Health. Similarly museums can reopen as well as per the “purple Badge” standard rules that currently apply to operating public places including the entry of one person per 15 square meters of space (excluding the operation of installations or exhibits for children that the children may touch).

Public beaches reopened on May 20th based so long as the social distancing guidelines are enforced.

Three of Isrotels deluxe properties, Beresheet in Mizpe Ramon, Royal Garden in Eilat and the Mizpe Hayamin Spa are opening on May 28 and are sold out for the Jewish holiday. Other Isrotel properties in Eilat will open throughout June and July while the Jerusalem Orient, which appeals to more international travelers is expected to open in August. The brand new Kedma property located in Sde Boker will open at the end of August.

Dan hotels is initially focusing on hotels serving the local Israeli market and is reopening the Dan Eilat and the Dan Caesarea on May 27th , in time for the Shavout holiday. This will be followed by the Dan Neptune and Dan Panorama, both in Eilat, a popular summer destination for Israeli families. These properties are reopening on June 17 and 25th respectively. The Dan Ruth Safed and the Dan Accadia Herzliya will open on June 18 while
the deluxe Dan Carmel will reopen July 1. The renowned King David Jerusalem will reopen at the end of June or early July (date not set). The Nazareth Dan Link will reopen in late August or September depending on when international tourists are allowed to enter the country without quarantine. The Dan Jerusalem, Dan Panorama Jerusalem and Dan
Panorma Tel Aviv and Dan Panorama Jerusalem never closed as they were used to quarantine Israelis arriving to Israel from abroad. All four properties will undergo thorough cleaning before they begin accepting domestic tourists.

The Fattal chain plans to reopen the following properties on May 24, 2020: Leonardo Plaza Eilat, Herods Dead Sea, Leonardo Plaza Jerusalem, Leonardo Plaza Tiberius, U Boutique Kinneret and Herods Tel Aviv.

Prima Hotel chain will be reopening six of its properties in this first phase including Prima Music Eilat, Prima Kings Jerusalem, Prima Spa Club Dead Sea, Prima Tiberias, Prima Jacob Samuel Tel Aviv and Prima Tel Aviv. The hotels will reopen within the next month.

Nakash Group is opening five hotels on May 28 28, the Setai Tel Aviv, Setai Galilee, Herbert Samuel Tel Aviv, Reef Eilat and Milos Dead Sea.

The Brown Hotels is reopening the Poli House and the Brown Beach House in late May with their other hotels, Villa Brown, Brown Jerusalem, Moshava Jerusalem to open later.

The deluxe Inbal hotel in Jerusalem, which recently completed an extensive renovation two years ago, will reopen its doors on June 18.

All of the hotels are required to abide by Israel Ministry of Health regulations and procedures regarding social distancing/marking within public areas, special cleaning regulations, and other criteria which are continuously being updated. Many of the hotels are providing enhanced in room amenities like masks, sanitizers, gloves, etc. Initially hotels
are generally providing expanded room service menus for breakfasts instead of the breakfast buffets. Pools are also allowed to reopen as per social distancing and other guidelines set by health authorities.

Most of the hotels are promoting very relaxed cancellation policies in order to attract guests who, as a result of covid-19, are uncertain about their possibly travel plans as well as any
subsequent outbreak.

Israel is bracing for an uptick in tourism, initially from Israelis, then Europeans and hopefully from the United States later this summer and/or early fall.

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