Israel Tourism Prepares to Reopen


Israel is beginning to open up its economy this week and tourism, one of the largest sectors of the Israeli economy (and the hardest hit by covid-19) will soon unlock its doors as well.

Beginning May 5, 20 national parks, including Caesarea, Banias, Nachal Amud, Beit Guvrin, are reopening. To prevent overcrowding reservations need to be made in advance and set times will be specified. The Western Wall reopened to the public with new social distancing rules now in place. 300 worshippers at a time are allowed on to the plaza with proper distancing between individuals mandatory. Churches too are also expected to reopen within the next two weeks.

Earlier this week on May 3, guesthouses and zimmers with separate room entrances opened to domestic tourism.

A second wave of hotels will be opening in the middle of the month including two small popular hotels, Brown Beach House and Poli House in Tel Aviv.

In late May, the Setai Jaffa and Herbert Samuel in Tel Aviv, the Reef in Eilat, Milos Dead Sea and The Setai Sea of Galilee. Guests can have meals served in their room if they wish.

Small, boutique properties are expected to be higher in demand due to their lower density, lack of large meeting space.

Cancellation penalties will be very lenient with most hotels allowing full cancellations up to 48 hours prior to arrival.

Further, the post covid-19 Israel experience will see many changes that should provide prospective tourists an even greater degree of comfort and security.

At Isrotel Hotels, which expects to open their deluxe properties (Beresheet, Orient, Royal Beach, etc in August) a number of changes are being implemented to protect the health of guests including:

  • Housekeeping  being taken to protect the health of visitors including significant expansion of cleaning staffs with emphasis on guest rooms, public areas, elevators, restaurants and more.
  • Frequent cleanings of public areas will be standard.
  • Housekeeping will change gloves before entering each room
  • New anti-viral detergents that are proven against many viruses and bacterias are being used.
  • Staff training has been enhanced to include hygiene training. Gloves will be worn at all times when knocking on and opening doors, handling towels, or carrying out any guest request.
  • All hotel air conditioners and ventilation systems are being outfitted with advanced filters designed to maintain superior air quality

At Travelujah, your health and safety remain our primary concern and we are committed to providing outstanding tour experiences that include hotels, restaurants and other programming that are similarly ensuring high standards of cleanliness , hygiene and that are conforming to the Ministry of Tourisms new codes.  When you are ready to plan your tour, please contact us to discuss the best way to craft your visit in this post covid-19 reality.

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