Bio Tour at Sde Eliyahu is Buzzing with Fun


Israeli life was built because of the many pioneers who came to the country built the first kibbutzing, planted the crops, made the desert bloom and much more.


This pioneering spirit continues today as Israel has become one of the leading centers for high tech start ups, incredible medical research, and so much more.


The Bio tour at Sde Eliyahu is one site that is worth visiting in the Beit Shean region. Situated on one of the very remaining real community-owned kibbutzim, Sde Eliyahu,breitling replica watchesyou will have an opportunity to explore Israel’s eco-friendly agriculture for which it has also become so renowned.


The Bio -tour inlcudes a visit to one of the largest producers of beneficial insects, Bio Bee. It night sounds awful buts its actually a lot of fun not to mention fascinating You will see a huge box of bees with the queen in the middle all working very hard. But these bees don’t sting. You can put your hand in the box and absolutely nothing will happen. They are used to keep all the annoying and destructive insects away from the produce grown in the fields. The bees will polinate the produce making it totally unattractive to the insects that would ordinarily thrive on these fresh fruits. It also raises bumblebees for natural pollination in greenhouses and open-field crops, and sterile Mediterranean fruit fly males to control this major pest in fruit trees.


Consequently, there is no need for artificial pesticides. The bumblebees work of natural pollination in greenhouses and open-field crops. . But is not just bees – there are many bugs that are very friendly to the plants and keep away those that destroy. Dr. Aviva Steinberg, who has been the R&D manager  22 years at Bio-Bee, and he has identified many  beneficial insects and mites for biological pest control. For example, the sterile Mediterranean fruit fly males controls the major pest in fruit trees.


BioBee has grown to become one of leading international companies in the field of biologically based Integrated Pest Management, Natural Pollination, and Medfly Control. The company,replica-watch which started on the kibbutz in 1983 ago by Aviva Falk is now sold in over 50 countries worldwide. The company is the world’s leading producer of Phytoseiulus persimilis, the most effective natural predator of Tetranychus urticae (red spider mite). Aviva Steinbergy, is the


Your visit will include a tour  into the hot houses, tour along the Jordanian border and taste many of the fresh produce that is in season, right from the fields. Returning to the kibbutz enjoy a typically rich kibbutz lunch with all the other kibbutz members inside of Sde Eliezer’s kibbutz dining room.

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