Behind the Scenes of Abu Gosh


I am in Abu Gosh at the Notre Dame D’Alliance Guesthouse  here which I now understand is under a maternal order reporting to a Mother Superior in Rome who reports directly to the Pope.


As I am sure you already understand, it is quite a different system from the Notre Dame in Jerusalem which is part of the Legionairies order.This place is beyond description — I never think Israel can offer more amazing stuff but the wow factor keeps on punching me!


I don’t know if you knew they are having concerts here which are amazing.This evening The Virtuoso Thilisi from the country of Georgia performed. All but 2 songs were in their language with the other 2 in Hebrew. The talent these guys have is totally amazing. I just bought a ticket on the spot and got first row by sheer good luck. Now I understand the system and bought two more tickets on line.


I will time the return from Beersheva so I can drive in here at 2 pm on Sunday afternoon- I have a 3 pm ticket for the Irish Folksongs. I could not get a front row seat but I am sure I will enjoy the show. I have an aisle seat so it will be good. My ancestor came from Ireland so how can I miss this!Sunday evening at 6:30 pm I have a front row seat for the Requiem which looks to be a totally amazing performance.

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