A Trip of a Lifetime with My Grandmother


My Grandmother originally presented me with the idea of a trip to Israel. Honestly I had never thought about Israel. I’m 30 years old. She is 80 and had wanted to go to the Holy Land for many years. She tried multiple times to find a group to travel with and failed. I told her I’d look into it and found my research very surprising. The more I asked people or mentioned my possibility of a trip to Israel, the more it brought out stories upon stories of fabulous trips in years past. I told my Grandmother that I was on board and would plan everything if she was game to go. She agreed. I sought out a good neighbor, whom once lived in Israel, for some travel advice. She immediately recommended Travelujah, since she personally knew Elisa. I felt confident from the first moment I exchanged contact with them. It was a relief to see how many well planned tour options they had, since I didn’t even know where to start. We booked the Highlights 7 day tour after seeing it’s great mixture of stops and sights. Our first sight of Israel upon landing was brilliant. We were so glad to have made it safely and to see the vibrancy of Tel Aviv. Our first day and last few extra days were spent in Tel Aviv. The artists and youthful communities were a lot of fun to explore. We found it refreshing and exciting.
Our tour was a fabulous experience. From the guides to the route to the meals, it was all very well planned. We both came away feeling like we could not have done it any better ourselves. I think the details and stories heard from the guide only solidified our goal of traveling to the Holy Land. We definitely took away a lot more knowledge about the culture, the history, not to mention the resilience it’s people.
I fell in love with Jerusalem. It is a one-of-a-kind city and it really took my breath away. Our trip to the Old City was so informative and experiencing following the Via Dolorosa was one of my Grandmother’s favorite experiences on the tour. Another one of our favorite stops was the Garden of Gethsemane. The amazing bluish-purple windows at the Church of All Nations were so beautiful. We also really enjoyed the trip to and view from Mount Carmel. It was just breathtaking! We could have spent all day there just basking in the sun and the enjoying the view of Haifa!
I was blessed to travel to Israel with my Grandmother to fulfill her dream. I am so thankful also that we made the trip our own by taking this wonderful tour. We have so many amazing memories that we brought back to the States. I am spreading the word. Israel is a place for everyone, and not for pilgrimage alone! There are so many reasons why you should venture to Israel. It can be a trip for anyone! There is art, culture, religion, and beauty that cannot be found in many other places. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed! And your faith will definitely be strengthened by this journey!

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